Club T-Shirts

There are T-Shirts for the club avaiable through Chips ( based in Fort Branch, IN. Below are the steps to take when ordering shirts as-well-as images of some of the shirts available.

You'll be able to select the color and size you want during the ordering process.
They have sizes up to 3XL for all items in the store (including sweatshirts).

  1. Go to the store at
  2. Click on whichever item you are interested in. There are more descriptions once you click it, including photos of front and back.
  3. Enter how many you want of each size.
  4. Select what color you want it in. (The preview may not update, but it will say below the color options what you are purchasing once you click a color.)
  5. Click Add to Cart and follow the checkout process!

If there is a front/back combination you would like but do not see contact me. I'll do what I can to add it to the store for you to purchase.

large OBC logo on shirt
small OBC logo on shirt
Fancy front design with OBC logo in crest
I'm on a Boat with OBC logo white font
I'm on a Boat with OBC logo black font
I'd rather be boating graphic (will be on back of shirt in store)
Life is simple with OBC logo
My Boat My Rule with OBC logo
Multiple Designs with Color Options