My husband, Jim, and I have been members for 4 years and I am starting my second term as treasurer for OBC.  I have learned a great deal about this awesome club in my short tenure as treasurer.  It is my hope that all members truly get to know and understand what OBC does not only for it's members, but for the community.  With that being said, I urge every member to come to our monthly meetings, work days, etc.  Get involved and be a part of something special.

Jim and I just celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary on January 22.  We have 3 boys (Zach 25, Andy 22, & Hunter 15) and 2 fur babies (Panther 4 & Gizmo 11).  We also have a grand-dog, Chuck, who Zach rescued from the Humane Society.  Jim in his youth spent a lot of time on the Ohio.  His family were members of that other club closer to Dogtown.  Jim always talked fondly of those days and we had toyed with the idea of a boat, but never really made any serious effort.  Fast-forward a few years.  We take a family vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida in May of 2013.  I decided to surprise Jim with renting a boat to go sightseeing.  Jim was the happiest I had seen in him in a long time.  His face was plastered with the biggest goofiest smile, even when the rental company called and said to head back in due to a severe storm coming in.  He still had that smile when were lost and had no idea where we were due to the map flying out of the boat.  When we got back home he just could not get over being on that boat.  He just looked at me and said I want to get a boat and I said sure, not really thinking he was serious.  Well, he was and over July Fourth weekend he drove to Charlotte, NC to pick up his boat.  With his 2 wheel drive truck he just bought the previous June.  I bring up the new truck because we also had to trade that new truck in on a new 4-wheel drive truck to pull his new baby.  Well we could not be members at OBC without a camper right?  So, after the vacation we purchased a boat, new truck, and a camper.  Little did I know that vacation would end up being the most expensive vacation ever and I would not change a thing.

We have met some wonderful & dedicated people in this club and we look forward to another great season!

--Jennifer Wimpelberg